This epic role-playing game is now backwards compatible on the Xbox One


Although it’s derided by some as the worst entry in the series, it’s clear that Dragon Age II is still a stupendous game in its own right. It may lack the breadth and scope of its predecessor Dragon Age: Origins and of its 2014 sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition, but is still no doubt one of the best RPGs made this decade.

It’s a good thing then, that Dragon Age II is the latest game to join the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list, meaning those who missed the original Xbox 360 release now have a chance to play this fine RPG on their new-gen consoles.

Those who own a physical copy of the game just need to pop in the disc in order to begin playing, while the game is also available to purchase online on Microsoft’s Xbox Store.

Also, the fact that Microsoft has added Dragon Age II to the list means that Xbox One users can now play the entire Dragon Age trilogy on their machines (Dragon Age Origins joined the backwards compatibility list last year), while Bioware fans surely were pleased last year when the Mass Effect games made the list too.

It’s also likely taking into account how popular the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature has been that Microsoft will keep adding new games to it, meaning we can surely look forward to more golden oldies from the Xbox 360 and even old Xbox games making the list in what remains of the year.

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