These are the free PS Plus games for October 2019


Now that September has rolled by, Sony recently revealed the games that PlayStation Plus (PS Plus for short) subscribers will be getting for free this month, which include a classy zombie game and a major sports title.

Headlining the offer this month is The Last of Us. This post-apocalyptic zombie game hit the PS3 back in 2013, and is widely regarded as one of the best games which came out for the now defunct PlayStation 3. Set in a zombie-infested US, weary survivor Joel has to smuggle little girl Ellie out of a military quarantine zone, fighting both the undead and bands of evil humans throughout the journey.

The Last of Us not only had exciting action and stealth segments, plus also an emotionally moving story which continued in The Last of Us: Left Behind, an expansion which sheds light on Ellie’s past and her relationship with best friend Riley at a military boarding school. Left Behind is one of the best DLCs ever released for a video game, and forms part of The Last of Us’ remastered edition for PS4 which is available to all PS4 subscribers this month, starting on October 2.

Aside from The Last of Us, sports fans will also be pleased to know that Sony is giving MLB The Show 19 to those on PS Plus this month. This is a highly regarded baseball game as its Metacritic score of 86 shows, and icing on the cake in what no doubt is another strong month for PS Plus members.

Both The Last of Us and MLB The Show 19 are available on PS Plus now and until November 4, so make sure to pick up them up before the deadline expires next month, especially The Last of Us if you’ve yet to play Naughty Dog’s zombie adventure, which is getting an eagerly awaited sequel in February next year.