Top 10 Best Pieces of Video Game DLC


Downloadable Content (or DLC, as it’s popularly known) is something to be expected in the modern gaming world. After all, game creators can add extra content to their games and video game fans can get more enjoyment out of the favourite games, even if it comes at an extra cost.

And although not all DLC has been stellar (like the infamous horse armour for Oblivion), some pieces of DLC have been truly great, enhancing the main game no end. Here follows a list of the 10 best pieces of DLC released to date.

Note: Although some of the DLC on this list is meaty enough to be classified as an “expansion pack”, I will refer to all the items on this list as DLC.

10. Cold, Cold Heart (Batman: Arkham Origins)


This DLC focused on the cold, cold heart of Mr Freeze, one of the most memorable villains in the Batman universe. So we got to enjoy Mr Freeze’s origin story, the only problem being that it felt a tad familiar. Many elements were clearly lifted from the episode “Heart of Ice” of Batman: The Animated Series. This is not a bad thing though, as any Batman fan knows that episode is one of the best.

Gameplay wise, the fights in this Batman DLC were made more interesting by the presence of thugs with freeze rays. Batman could be enclosed in ice if caught by the freeze rays, but if you dodged at the right time, it’s the enemies behind you that would end up in an ice prison. Also, there was a climactic battle with the cold hearted bastard Mr Freeze at the end, although sadly it was almost identical to the one in Arkham City. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as that boss fight was one of the better ones in City. But never mind, this DLC was still great and better than anything the main game had to offer.