Top 10 Best Pieces of Video Game DLC

3. Left Behind (The Last of Us)


Naughty Dog’s console hit The Last of Us featured some brilliant storytelling taking place in a post-apocalyptic world. Texan smuggler Joel and that little girl with a secret Ellie fought off the zombies and other survivors to reach their destination, in a game that was sure packed with great moments. And this DLC offers more of the brilliant storytelling that made The Last of Us so compelling.

Left Behind focuses on the character of Ellie, and takes place in two time periods. Part of the narrative is a prequel to the events in The Last of Us, and focuses on Ellie’s relationship with her best friend Riley, as they explore a mall. The rest of the narrative adds to the main story in The Last of Us, taking place after Ellie and Joel leave the University.

What’s truly great about this DLC is that no matter how good the storytelling and character development of The Last of US were, Naughty Dog delivers content that is up to the same high standards here, making this DLC essential for fans of The Last of Us.