Top 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2014

3. The Evil Within


You may know Japanese designer Shinji Mikami as he is famous for the survival horror masterpiece that was Resident Evil 4. So it is logical that gamers were expecting great things from his latest survival horror video game.

But sadly, The Evil Within is not the masterpiece that Resident Evil 4 was. The plot, like in other Mikami games is convoluted. Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his colleagues respond to a call from a mental hospital in which a slaughter has taken place, and then Castellanos has to deal with zombies and other creepy enemies such as a hooded chainsaw-wielding man called “the Sadist”. But the enemies are the archetypal lot you expect to find in this kind of game, none are particularly original. And despite creating an atmosphere of dread, very little of what is going on is explained. At least Castellanos can suffer plenty of gory deaths, even be decapitated by the chainsaw guy…

As for the combat, it feels a bit sluggish, especially melee combat. And shooting those zombies is never particularly satisfying. While this game might please hardcore Resident Evil fans, it surely was disappointing for everyone else.