Top Things Nintendo Revealed About the NX Console and Its Future in April 2016

The Legend of Zelda


If one thing is clear, is that Shigeru Miyamoto’s new Zelda game is one of the most eagerly awaited games to date. It will be the first Zelda game to feature a true open world and will bring back the series’ iconic characters like Link and Ganon. And aside from releasing a new piece of artwork from the game (see above), Nintendo also revealed that the new Zelda game will also be available for the ageing Wii U console as well as on the upcoming NX, which is good news for those who were not planning to upgrade to the NX in 2017.

Also, the Japanese company is not planning to reveal more details about the NX at E3 so that they can focus on showcasing their new Zelda game at the E3 show next June, meaning we’ll finally get to know more about Link’s next adventure soon…

Wii U production could end by 2018

wii-u-console-gamepadDespite having high hopes for their Wii U console, it is clear that the system has not been a success, and as a matter of fact Nintendo announced that it only expects to sell 800,000 units of the console this year. And while the more than 12 million units sold so far might seem a respectable number, bear in mind that the Wii U’s predecessor, the Wii, sold more than 100 million worldwide in its lifetime, making the Wii U numbers pale by comparison.

And given the console’s relatively poor performance it is not surprising that Nintendo is planning to cease production of the Wii U by 2018 according to So it is clear that Nintendo’s console business is not doing brilliantly now, and it’s likely the company is betting on the NX being a success when it launches in March next year.

The Legend of Zelda artwork
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