5 Crazy User Mods for Skyrim

3. Frostfall


This user mod makes the weather something to worry about. Great if you think dying of hypothermia is fun.


Like many people, you probably played Skyrim for loads of hours. But one little thought probably kept haunting you: why is nobody affected by the cold weather? Skyrim’s climate is bloody harsh, with strong winds, snow, blizzards and heavy rains, so how can the Dragonborn sit pretty wearing just a cloak in the middle of a strong blizzard? This user mod aims to rectify this, forcing the player to worry about the weather. Now standing in the middle of a storm can drain your health, and cold water can kill you.

You could think that all of this would be a pain in the butt, as having to worry about the weather is painful enough in real life, and it actually is. When I was approaching the Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon, a message on screen informed me that “I was feeling chilly”. So instead of adventuring, you have to worry about whether the armour you are wearing is warm enough or whether there is a torch nearby to warm you up? What level of crazy is this?

CRAZY FACTOR: 5/5 (as nutty as squirrel heaven)

Link to mod: Nexus