5 Crazy User Mods for Skyrim

4. Deadly Dragons


Fighting dragons in Skyrim will be more challenging… But do you really want to make your life harder?


Dragons were certainly the highlight of Skyrim. But although the mythological beasts were certainly fearsome-looking, they were a bit too easy to take down. Dealing with dragons many times felt like pest control, like the Dragonborn was some kind of insect exterminator. This user mod aims to rectify this. “By installing this mod you’re agreeing to partake in epic, challenging, and intense battles with dragons”, says the author.

This is all fine and dandy, but I have qualms about this business of making video games harder. Shouldn’t video games be fun and relaxing, given that the game of life is hard enough? Taking down deadly dragons may be more rewarding, as I found out while playing the game with this mod, but overall it doesn’t make Skyrim more fun. It does make the dragons prettier, though, which is great if that tickles you fancy.

CRAZY FACTOR: 3/5 (quite crazy)

Link to mod: Nexus