The Top 25 Video Game Sex Scenes

The idea of video game sex is viewed with contempt by most people. After all, it’s probably just for sad lonely men or nerds wearing raincoats. These are the kind of people who are likely to get a kick out of seeing video game characters engaging in sexual action.

But for better or worse, as video games have entered the mainstream, we are seeing more and more sex scenes in video games. And sex is being increasingly portrayed in a more mature and meaningful way, just like in the movies… So here follow the top 25 sex scenes seen in video games to date.

NOTE: The majority of these games have been rated PEGI 18 and Mature (by the ESRB), so these scenes should only be viewed by people of the appropriate age.

1. Assassin’s Creed Origins

You’ve got to love the Assassin’s Creed games for their cool, time-travelling fun. Also, 2017’s Assassin’s Creed Origins had the series’ most exotic setting so far: sunny, ancient Egypt. Here protagonist Bayek is looking to get even with a creepy cult known as The Order of the Ancients… You also get to meet sexy Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the game too, which adds an extra layer of appeal to Ubisoft’s game if you ask me.

In between the brutal killings you expect to see in a game about Assassins, this also has more quiet moments, and even a sex scene between Bayek and his wife Aya. The two get intimate on a platform overlooking the city… This is one of the better sex scenes we’ve gotten to see in a video game, and a welcome respite from the game’s edgy violence too.