The Top 25 Video Game Sex Scenes

11. Ride to Hell: Retribution

This game hit shelves in 2013, and wasn’t well received by critics to say the least. Actually, many groaned about its poor, Xbox-level graphics, bad voice acting and crappy action. The game’s sexism did not endear it to many either. Actually, women were just a means to an end for protagonist Jake Conway, who was on a mission to get even with the biker gang which had murdered his brother.

The game, of course, features quite a few sex scenes (including a full-blown orgy at the end). Arguably, the highlight of these is one taking place in a bar. Here Jake teams up with a lovely-looking lady, and the two make out on a pool table. Sadly, this is just the typical clothes-on, video game sex (and therefore a bit silly) but still watchable, though.