The Top 25 Video Game Sex Scenes

3. Fahrenheit (Carla Valenti scene)

Fahrenheit was a quirky adventure game from 2005. This stars Lucas Kane, an apparently normal guy who works as an IT specialist in New York. He ends up getting involved in a strange, ritualistic murder, and also develops crazy superpowers at some point in the game. That’s a good thing, because the cops are hot on his trail as he becomes the most wanted man in the US…

Amongst the cops chasing Lucas down is Carla Valenti, a sexy detective who becomes obsessed with Lucas and the serial killings he’s supposedly the author of. She can fall in love with him at some point depending on your choices in the game, leading to the sex scene below. And even if Lucas is in pretty rough shape at this point, he does share some pretty erotic moments with Carla here.