The Top 25 Video Game Sex Scenes

7. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain was a psychological thriller born out of the mind of game designer David Cage. This game was widely praised back in 2010, although looking at it today it sure did have its quirks. There’s an overabundance of quick-time events for starters, and its serial killer plot is the same clichéd story found in most TV shows these days.

The game does feature some pretty great characters, including Ethan Mars and journalist Madison Page. Like other games from the Quantic Dream stable, this has its fair share of erotic scenes too (actually, Madison is even forced to perform a striptease at some point in the game). She later gets to have sex with Ethan after a particularly heart-breaking moment too. And this scene deserves credit for being one of the few interactive ones we’ve gotten to play through in a long while.