The Top 25 Video Game Sex Scenes

23. The Witcher 2


This medieval fantasy RPG deals with mature themes and has “shades of grey” morality: some evildoers get away with doing bad things, and nobody in the game can really be called a hero. This coupled with a strong story almost makes you forget how awful, clunky and downright bad the combat system is. That, and of course, the adult themes.

Throughout this game and the previous one the protagonist Geralt has sex with more women than you can keep track of, including the sorceress Triss. She’s a cute redhead that accompanies you through most of the game, and she and Geralt get intimate in a steamy pool scene that’s actually a bit silly. It’s similar to the one in God of War II, and makes you feel like a voyeur. Like when you are watching a certain kind of movie…