The Top 25 Video Game Sex Scenes

1. GTA V

GTA III: San Andreas got everyone talking about video game sex due to the Hot Coffee controversy, which got the game banned for a while. But obviously this did not stop Rockstar from including explicit sex scenes in GTA V.

Actually, GTA V caused a bit of a stir due to its somewhat sexist portrayal of women. The game not only features strip clubs, but also lets you hire sex workers in the game’s city of Los Santos. This led to the game being removed from some stores in Australia too, after a petition by some angry customers gathered steam back in 2015.

Also, the sex scenes became more realistic due to the addition of a first-person mode to the new-gen editions of the game, even if the sex in GTA V was pretty bland overall. So despite the fact you could enjoy the game’s saucier bits in more detail than before, the outrage was still a case of too much ado over nothing then.

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