5 video games at E3 2016 coming in 2017

2. Horizon: Zero Dawn


Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of the video games at E3 to feature a female protagonist, together with the much-anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda and Dishonored 2. In the gameplay trailer shown at E3 we see protagonist Aloy attempting to survive in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world in which tribal humans coexist with giant robot dinosaurs.

The game will also feature Mass Effect-style conversation choices and the sort of questing one would expect from an open-world game like this one, plus we also see how Aloy can scavenge the game’s robotic creatures for parts, “tame” and ride them, and how players will have to resort to a variety of weapons and strategies in order to defeat hostile creatures and complete objectives in the game. And there’s no doubt that Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like it could be one of the PS4’s top exclusives when it debuts next year.

Release date: February 28, 2017. Available on PS4.