5 video games at E3 2018 coming in 2019

2. Control

Control is an upcoming game by Finnish outfit Remedy, who were also behind 2001’s legendary Max Payne. And although Remedy came up with the likes of Alan Wake and Quantum Break since then, it can be argued that the Finnish studio has failed to release a truly great game since their Matrix-inspired shooter Max Payne hit shelves back in 2001.

But now Remedy is showing off their new game Control, undoubtedly one of the hottest games to be previewed at this year’s E3. Like earlier Remedy games, this will feature slow motion, third-person shooting, while you’ll also wield special powers here like levitation and telekinesis, the latter letting you hurl objects at enemies during firefights. Judging by the E3 trailer below, this also looks like it will be as atmospheric a game as earlier Remedy titles, although thankfully the Finnish studio has confirmed that the live action episodic narrative of Quantum Break is gone for good in this game. So, hopefully this will be a game that reminds us of the glory days of Max Payne when it hits shelves sometime in 2019 then…

Release date: TBA 2019. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.