Far Cry 6 to get sci-fi themed expansion, free trial and new game plus mode


Ubisoft’s Far Cry series has millions of players worldwide, and even if the latest entry Far Cry 6 offered an experience which was very similar to that of the earlier Far Cry 5, it was still a blast to pay from beginning to end.

Set in a fictional central American country, Far Cry 6 had players taking part in a revolution against a ruthless dictator played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. Learning the art of guerrilla warfare and taking out government soldiers was fun too, although this did not quite reach the heights of Far Cry 5, in which players had to take on a religious cult in rural America.

Nonetheless, Far Cry 6 is a gritty and realistic shooter dealing with real life issues, even if Ubisoft took a different route with the DLC expansions which came after. These let you play as past villains of the series, and took a turn for the surreal, taking place in the minds of characters like the evil Vaas Montenegro of Far Cry 3 (see here for a review of the Vaas episode).

And Ubisoft is also departing from the gritty and realistic setting of the main game with the upcoming expansion Lost Between Worlds, which will feature sci-fi elements in its story, and is arriving on December 6.

“In Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds, players will begin a thrilling new chapter of Dani Rojas’ story, set in a fractured version of Yara. Following their exploration of a mysterious meteorite impact site, Dani will discover themselves in a twisted space between worlds accompanied by a noncorporeal lifeform named Fai”, says Ubisoft in a press release.

This “fractured version of Yara” will definitely be a strange and surreal setting as seen in Ubisoft’s announcement trailer below.

Here protagonist Dani will have to fight through 15 different trials or “Rifts” in order to retrieve five crystals needed to repair FAI’s spaceship. Some of these Rifts look to be quite original in design, and include an underwater version of Esperanza (the capital city of the game’s fictional country of Yara).

Also, the sci-fi theme Ubisoft has chosen for this expansion is interesting, while Lost Between Worlds also appears to feature roguelike gameplay like Far Cry 6’s earlier expansions, and other gameplay novelties like having to choose different ammo types in order to liquidate enemies of different colors (Dani will be fighting crystal enemies which come in blue and red varieties in this surreal version of Yara, as seen in the trailer).

Aside from putting out the Lost Between Worlds expansion for Far Cry 6 the game has also gotten a “New Game Plus” mode with its latest update, something which many players might have been waiting for, as this will let you replay the game with all the weapons and gear you collected on your initial playthrough. Enemies are expected to be tougher in New Game Plus, though.

Also, Ubisoft is now offering a free trial of Far Cry 6, which is great for those sitting on the fence about whether to buy this latest Far Cry game. The free trial lets you play the game’s opening chapter, featuring missions taking place on Far Cry 6’s starting island (known as “Isla Santuario” in the game), and so is a great taster of a much bigger adventure you’ll enjoy should you decide to take the plunge and purchase Far Cry 6…

But it’s clear that fans of the series are now looking forward to the next instalment, of which almost no news have emerged yet and is likely a long ways off anyway. For the time being, though, the latest expansion and updates for Far Cry 6 should keep gamers happy until Ubisoft starts talking about the inevitable Far Cry 7.

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