The Top 5 Virtual Reality Headsets

3. HTC Vive

htc-vive-kitThe HTC Vive is perhaps the most technically advanced VR headset to hit the market, but also the most expensive around, retailing for $800 (£689). However, the HTC Vive (which is the result of a partnership between Taiwanese manufacturer HTC and Valve Corporation) is the only VR system that offers “room-scale” virtual reality. That is, players can stand up and walk around after setting up the Vive in a room, with the room’s space becoming a virtual reality arena.

So instead of just moving one’s head in a game to see in a specific direction and using a controller key to “move” in a specific direction, you can walk around in the virtual reality space, which should no doubt lead to a more immersive experience. This not only comes at a steeper price than its VR competitors though, but the HTC Vive system requires a more complicated setup than the Oculus Rift, for instance. Although games will be accessible through Valve’s great Steam platform, which no doubt is a plus. But it is clear that the Vive is strictly for early adopters and technology enthusiasts, for the time being at least.

Launch date: April 2016.


The Gallery is one of the first VR games available for the HTC Vive headset.

HTC Vive (HTC Corporation)
The Gallery (Cloudhead Games)