The worst games of 2022 list revealed by Metacritic


As 2022 grinds to a close many have taken to praising the best games of the year. And its true that 2022 has seen some fantastic games like Horizon Forbidden West and Stray. Of course, there’s also Elden Ring, which won the top prize at this year’s Game Awards show.

And then there are the duds too, games so bad that most gamers wish they wouldn’t be caught dead playing them, even if some of these like the new Postal game might be a guilty pleasure for some.

Actually, Postal 4: No Regerts was number one in Metacritic’s list of worst games of 2022. The Postal series has long been known for its ultraviolence and tastelessness, and the game’s predecessor Postal 3 was recently removed from Steam, with developer Running With Scissors even using the word “sh*t” when referring to the game. And Postal 4 is seemingly just as bad according to critics…

It also seems unfathomable that big-name studios were involved in some of the year’s worst games, but such is the way of life in the cutthroat video game world. Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment (the people behind games like Control and Alan Wake) were heavily involved in the development of first-person shooter Crossfire, but this did not prevent the Xbox title from turning out a dud.

Also, renowned studio PlatinumGames was responsible for Babylon’s Fall, the most high-profile game to make Metacritic’s list of worst games of 2022. The online multiplayer game ended up a disaster in almost every respect – so much so in fact that Square Enix will be shutting down the servers in February next year, thus rendering Babylon’s Fall unplayable.

Other games on the list such as Xel for the Switch were criticized due to their technical issues with one reviewer saying that he “spent more time dealing with those issues than playing the game”. Others like The Last Oricru apparently had glaring design issues, telling players upfront “not to invest in half the available skill points because they’re worthless” as one critic pointed out.

Also featured on Metacritic’s worst games list for the year is Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, the remaster of Westwood’s 1997 point and click adventure set in the Blade Runner universe. This was definitely a disappointment for fans of the original, and calling it an “enhanced edition” of the earlier game was far fetched to say the least. So much so, that the original game ended up being bundled with the “enhanced” port over fan outrage…

Here follows Metacritic’s list of the 10 worst video games of 2022.

The Worst Video Games of 2022 (Metacritic list)

10. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition (scored 52 on Nintendo Switch)

9. Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief (scored 52 on PS4)

8. The Waylanders (scored 51 on PC)

7. The Last Oricru (scored 50 on Xbox Series X)

6. Zorro: The Chronicles (scored 49 on PS5)

5. Lego Brawls (scored 46 on PS5)

4. Xel (scored 43 on Nintendo Switch)

3. Babylon’s Fall (scored 41 on PS5)

2. CrossfireX (scored 38 on Xbox Series X)

1. Postal 4: No Regerts (scored 30 on PC)