Top 10 shortest video games made to date

6. Mirror’s Edge (4 hours)


Mirror’s Edge visual style was superb, even if the game was a tad short.


Mirror’s Edge was a breath of fresh back in 2008, with its striking visual style, great soundtrack and entertaining parkour-based gameplay. And there’s no doubt Swedish developer DICE delivered a worthy and original game, with a great free-running concept and parkour similar to that seen in games like Prince of Persia, but viewed in first-person instead of the usual third-person mode.

Although the game’s story and cutscenes were not so great and the trial and error gameplay was not to everyone’s taste, the game’s illusion of speed and momentum was second to none. Aside from the poor combat, one major complaint with Mirror’s Edge was its short length, as players could blast through the campaign in less than 5 hours, even if the time spent in the game’s colourful futuristic city was certainly worth it…