Top 10 Video Game Controversies of 2015

2. Hideo Kojima and Konami


If one thing is clear, is that Hideo Kojima is one of the best-known video game designers around, as he’s behind the world renowned stealth-action series Metal Gear Solid. But his relationship with his employer, the Japanese video game giant Konami, has gone from bad to worse this year. Not only did Konami controversially remove Kojima’s name from the box art of his eagerly anticipated game Metal Gear Solid V, but they also cancelled the promising Silent Hills game, which was to be a new entry in the renowned video game horror series and a collaboration between Kojima and pop culture star director Guillermo del Toro.

And not only their ill-treatment of Kojima but their intention to focus on mobile gaming at the expense of cinematic titles like Silent Hills has certainly made Konami one of the most controversial companies of the video game world. But hopefully Metal Gear Solid V will turn out to be a great game, one featuring that unique Kojima touch and the great mix of stealth and action seen in earlier games in the series.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.
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