Top 5 Batman: Arkham Knight Controversies


If one thing is clear, is that Batman: Arkham Knight was one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the year. But despite garnering critical acclaim, Rocksteady’s game has been marred by controversy. Even before launch, the game’s Mature rating in the U.S. sparked controversy, and after the game’s release many players complained about the Batmobile, which was supposed to be the best feature of the game but turned out to be rather dull, and also about its pricey season pass.

Also the fact that publisher Warner Bros. released a PC version that was unplayable for many and had to withdraw from the market later was also a controversial issue for Rocksteady’s Batman game. So without further ado, here follow the top 5 Batman: Arkham Knight controversies to date.

1. It is rated Mature


It was surprising to many players that Batman: Arkham Knight received an ‘M’ for Mature rating in the U.S., after all, the silly and charming tone of previous Arkham games had made them appealing to younger audiences.

But Rocksteady decided to go all dark and gritty for their final Batman game. The game not only features scenes involving torture, but there are also gory details like the copious amounts of blood seen in some of the game’s murder scenes… And Batman does seem to hit Gotham’s thugs with even more bone-crunching viciousness this time around, making those spectacular fight scenes more violent than in previous games. But at least the moral guardians can rest easy because that Mature rating has nothing to do with the game featuring sexual content, although Batman can visit some of Gotham’s seedier parts, such as the red light district seen at some point in the game…

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