Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Ads to Date

7. Sony’s PS Vita


If one thing is clear, is that sex sells. Sony’s PS Vita ad features an attractive female doctor, who makes sexual innuendo about the viewer performing a solitary sex act a bit too much (you know what I am talking about).

This commercial caused a bit of outrage, with the likes of Business Insider calling it “blatantly sexist”. It also makes a rather sad statement about gamers – that they are sex-starved men who objectify women, and who probably are unable to have normal relationships with them. This is unfortunate, considering that gaming is a mainstream pastime and that the average gamer is more like the average person these days.

In the end Sony had to pull the ad, but in my view the outrage it provoked is unjustified. It may be a bad ad, even tasteless – but if one thing is clear is that sex-based advertising is used to sell everything from toothpaste to sneakers, so why not video games?