5 video games in which you play multiple characters


While most video games have only let players control a single character in the past, experiencing the game’s story through the eyes of one protagonist, modern games have allowed players to control multiple characters leading to more involved gameplay and a more interesting gaming experience overall.

Such is the case of 2010’s adventure game Heavy Rain and Blizzard’s exciting shooter Overwatch, which offers players a ton of unique and diverse characters to play as. So without further ado, here follows a list of 5 video games in which you get to play multiple characters throughout the game…

1. GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V

The latest Grand Theft Auto game by Rockstar has no doubt become a fan favourite and has sold over 60 million copies, and is actively being played today thanks to its great GTA Online multiplayer component. But despite the success of its online multiplayer mode, GTA V’s single player experience is still great thanks to its superb story which featured razor-sharp humour, its great open-world gameplay and mission variety, and of course, its superb cast of characters including the protagonist trio of Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

And playing as each character offered a quite different experience as Michael’s missions were reminiscent of those in Rockstar’s earlier Vice City game, while Franklin’s storyline took a tip or two from the great San Andreas game, and suffice to say that Trevor’s missions were some of the craziest and over the top yet seen in a GTA game… All in all, GTA V’s character switching mechanic certainly helped Rockstar’s deliver what many consider to be the best GTA game to date.