5 differences between the PS5 Slim and the original console

3. The price

Pricing of this slimmer PS5 has already been made known by Sony before the console starts rolling out to retailers this November. The PS5 with the disc drive will cost $499.99 US dollars (€549.99 in the EU, £479.99 in the UK).

Meanwhile, the PS5 digital edition will ship for $449.99 US dollars (€449.99 in the EU, £389.99 in the UK).

It’s interesting that the digital version of the console will retail for $50 US dollars more than the current digital edition PS5 without the disc drive, meaning stock could run out quickly once the slim version hits the shelves in November. The new PS5 digital edition, though, can be upgraded with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive as stated earlier, which Sony will make available for $79.99 US dollars (€119.99 in the EU, £99.99 in the UK).

The new PS5 Slim with a disc drive does seem like a better deal than the digital edition, though, a good thing for those who’d rather get their games on disc (yours truly included).