5 Reasons Why the Alienware Alpha Will Likely Fail

5. And who is the Alpha for?

PC enthusiasts who build their own rigs won’t find the Alienware Alpha appealing.

Console users’ choice of console (PlayStation, Xbox or Wii) is usually based on brand loyalty and exclusives. They might find Gears of War more appealing, or perhaps they would rather face the apocalypse in The Last of Us. And peer pressure is also an issue. Your choice of console could be influenced by the machines your friends own. After all, PlayStation is a recognized brand worldwide, but any console user who says he is going for an “Alienware Alpha” could be considered a freak.

And as far as the PC gaming crowd is concerned, the Alpha will be something of a curiosity, nothing more. Many PC gamers are tech-savvy and can build their own rigs, choosing the components themselves and upgrading them as they see fit, without the restrictions of a machine like the Alienware Alpha. As for casual PC gamers who enjoy an indie game every now and then, they can do so on a tablet or even a laptop computer.

All this leaves the Alpha in no man’s ground, it’s a curiosity with no real market for it.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.
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