5 video games to look forward to in February 2017

2. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Will Horizon: Zero Dawn be an open-world masterpiece or a disappointing game?


Although most major releases these days feature open-world gameplay, it is clear that Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn is looking like it could turn out to be something special when it hits the shelves this February. For starters, it features a novel post-apocalyptic setting in which humans live in tribal societies and dinosaur-like robots have taken over the world, while the game also appears to have the kind of action-packed story gamers have not enjoyed in quite some time judging by the trailer below.

And as is usual in open-world games of this kind, Horizon: Zero Dawn will feature plenty of questing, crafting and combat, and here’s hoping the game’s side activities are as engaging and fun as gamers are expecting and that Guerrilla Games’ upcoming release lives up to the hype when it comes out in late February this year.

Release date: February 28. Available on PS4.