7 Video Games with Racist Undertones


Some video games have been controversial. And the controversy usually has to do with sex, such as the Mass Effect scandal in 2009. Also video game violence is usually a hot topic, with games such as GTA being blamed for corrupting young people’s minds and inspiring them to commit violent acts.

But apart from sex and violence, the recent controversy surrounding Far Cry 4’s promotional image proves that video game racism is also an issue. And looking at video games from the past, you can certainly say that many have been racist in one way or the other. So here follows a list of video games with racist undertones.

1. Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3 certainly was a fine first person shooter, and one of the award-winning titles from 2012. But sadly the game has the clichéd and despicable “white saviour” complex. The pale-skinned Californian Jason Brody liberates an island from pirates, and in the process becomes an unstoppable Commando clone in a laughably unbelievable plotline. And no matter what fierce warriors the natives of Rook Island are, they simply cannot deal with the pirates led by their lunatic leader Vaas without the help of the American rich kid Jason.

Also, the game’s characters are portrayed in a stereotypical way. Jason Brody’s mentor Dennis Rogers is the typical “noble savage” and good-natured person of colour, whilst the leader of the natives Citra, like in the Matrix movie, believes Jason is “the one”, the white messiah who will liberate the islands from Vaas’ tyranny. And if you’ve seen Far Cry 3’s alternative ending, then you know that her savage nature is revealed in an intimate scene at the end…