8 shocking things about the Far Cry 5 reveal

4. The protagonist & other characters

Mary May and others will be fighting by your side in Montana.


Aside from the fact that little has been revealed about the game’s main antagonist thus far, there’s one bit of news regarding one character in the game that some may find surprising. This is the fact that for the first time in a Far Cry game, you’ll be able to customize your character’s appearance and gender.

Some may find this shocking after the colourful protagonists we’ve seen in the Far Cry games thus far. These have ranged from macho guy Jack Carver of the first game to the somewhat annoying Jason Brody of Far Cry 3, and the strong and quiet Ajay Ghale of Far Cry 4. Of course, being able to customize your character will be a boon for many, but the story might lose some of its impact as a result of having a generic protagonist though.

Luckily, the game appears to have a pretty good supporting cast though. This includes characters like pastor Jerome Jeffries, who’s trying to get his flock back from the cult, pilot Nick Rye and bartender Mary May. And the latter surely looks like the kind of girl who could give the cultists a run for their money judging by the video below…