BlizzCon 2017: the top highlights

A new Hearthstone expansion is on the way

Since Hearthstone debuted in 2014, it has become a favourite of many lovers of collectible card games, while Blizzard has kept adding to the game via DLC and expansions since its release. And those into Blizzard’s card game will be pleased to know that Hearthstone will be getting another expansion titled Kobolds and Catacombs later this year as Blizzard revealed at BlizzCon 2017.

The most noteworthy thing about this expansion is that it features a new single player mode called Dungeon Run. This mode pits you against eight random bosses drawn from a total of 48, and every time you defeat one of these villains you’ll get new cards to add you your deck. Also, this expansion will feature new powerful cards such as “Wand of Disintegration” which lets you put all enemy minions on the board out of business, as it silences and destroys your opponent’s units. And given its interesting new features, it’s clear that Hearthstone fans will be looking forward to this expansion when it’s released this December, no doubt.

Moira will be Overwatch’s next character

Although Overwatch has been one of the top multiplayer video games to hit shelves in the last couple of years and already features an impressive roster of characters, it looks like Blizzard will keep adding new content to the game for some time to come.

Actually, the company revealed at this year’s BlizzCon show that a new character will be coming to Overwatch this month, likely in time for Overwatch’s free weekend starting on November 17. This new character’s name is Moira, and she will be bringing her healing abilities to the game soon, something which will no doubt please those who were clamouring for a new supporting character in Overwatch to add to the likes of Symmetra and Lucio.

Regarding her backstory, she appears to have worked for evil group Talon as a geneticist, while she also seems to have history with Overwatch character Reaper as seen in the video below. Among Moira’s special abilities is “biotic orb”, which can either regenerate allies or do damage to enemies depending on your choice, and which could make playing as Moira a fun experience when she joins Overwatch’s roster this month.