The Top 5 Crowdfunded Video Games

4. Shenmue III


If one thing is clear, is that the Shenmue games by legendary Japanese designer Yu Suzuki have a passionate following. As a matter of fact, the original Shenmue is something of a cult classic, as back in 1999 it was one of the first video games to feature true open world gameplay and fully realized 3D characters. Although sadly both Shenmue and its sequels, which had massive budgets, failed to make money, and were commercial failures.

But still, fans have made it clear that they want another Shenmue game, as the Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue III has raised more than $6 million to date. And like earlier games in the series, Shenmue III will also be an action-adventure game with open world gameplay, and will once again star Ryo Hazuki, who will use his martial arts skills to avenge his father’s death in the turbulent China of the 80’s. And hopefully the developers will be able to meet the game’s scheduled release date of December 2017 and put out a great Shenmue game that also manages to be a commercial hit.

Note: Shenmue III will be available on PS4 and PC. It releases in December 2017.