The Top 5 PS4 Games of 2015

3. Journey


Many consider Journey a work of art, and more of an experience than a video game. And while this title by game creators Thatgamecompany does not take that many hours to complete, it’s an emotional journey that gamers will remember for years to come. Playing as a robed figure, Journey had players traversing beautiful environments like golden deserts and menacing underground caves.

It had a powerful story that was able to convey emotion without a word being uttered, and while the gameplay may seem simplistic to some as it only involves gliding and jumping to traverse the game’s environments in order to reach the player’s destination (a massive mountain on the horizon) Journey really is an experience like no other.

And the game not only looks beautiful thanks to upgraded visuals, but it is made even greater by Austin Wintory’s phenomenal score, one of the best in gaming so far. All in all, this remastered edition of the 2012 game was still one of the top gaming experiences on PS4 this year.