Top 5 Video Games Shown at the 2015 E3 Show

3. Uncharted 4


Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted series of video games, is certainly one of the best known characters in the video game world. And fans of the Uncharted games were excited when game creators Naughty Dog revealed that a new Uncharted game was being developed for the PS4. Although sadly the game has been delayed to 2016, and will likely be released alongside the highly anticipated Uncharted movie.

But at least gamers were treated to a rather spectacular gameplay demo at this year’s E3 show, in which protagonist Nathan Drake and old buddy Sully race through the streets of a city (perhaps in Madagascar, one of the game’s rumoured settings) while engaging in stunning gunfights with hordes enemies. The E3 demonstration (which you can watch below) does look stunning, showcasing the PS4’s graphical prowess, and it is not surprising that the game not only won the “Best Console Game” Game Critics award, but also got a special commendation for graphics at the E3 show. So this is certainly a game to watch out for when it is released next year.

Release date: Coming in 2016. Available on PS4.