Top 10 Video Game Controversies of 2016

6. Did No Man’s Sky’s creators mislead gamers?

no-mans-sky-diploIf one thing is clear, is that No Man’s Sky has been one of the most controversial games of the year as Hello Games’ PS4 and PC title promised a lot but failed to deliver in the end. This is because the game did not offer millions of unique planets to explore as the creators had promised, or the exciting space dogfights and first-person action seen in the trailers, while other activities players could carry out in the game, such as collecting minerals and cataloguing alien species, grew old quickly.

This led one upset Reddit user to file a complaint with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) in the UK, claiming that the game’s description on the Steam store was misleading, adding fuel to the controversy. Although hopefully further patches will turn No Man’s Sky into a game that is closer to what was originally promised, even if it will be hard for some players to get over the disappointment of playing a game that could have been so much more than it turned out to be in the end.