Top 10 Video Game Controversies of 2016

7. Sony bans user from PSN for sharing Watch Dogs 2 explicit image

watch-dogs-2-tgs-trailerWatch Dogs 2 has been one of 2016’s biggest releases, a game set in modern day San Francisco about a group of hackers who choose to rebel against an oppressive establishment. And while this is a GTA-style game, it’s more light-hearted tone and focus on hacking instead of nihilistic violence meant it has not been as controversial due to its portrayal of violence as Rockstar’s games have been.

What did cause controversy, though, was Sony’s reason for banning one PlayStation Network user playing Watch Dogs 2. This was because the unfortunate gamer decided to share an in-game image showing female frontal nudity, something Sony’s moderators didn’t like, hitting the player with a 1 month suspension. Never mind the fact that this was an in-game image and not a user-modified one (and Ubisoft vowed to patch the game in order to cover the genitalia of the character in question), while nudity was completely legal in San Francisco not so long ago… But still, here’s hoping the user in question can go back to playing his PS4 games on PSN as soon as he is able…