Top 10 Video Game Controversies of 2016

8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lottery controversy

counter-strike-global-offensive-burning-houseCounter-Strike: Global Offensive is clearly one of the top online multiplayer games out there, with millions of players worldwide having enjoyed the game’s fast-paced and exciting action to date. And given how popular the game is, it is not surprising that some add-ons are being sold for it online such as “weapon skins”, which allow players to wield fancier looking guns in the game.

But there is also a little-known gambling industry related to these weapon skins (some of which are sold for thousands of dollars) in which players essentially use these as casino chips in Las Vegas style winner-takes-all contests. And controversially it was found out this year that several YouTubers who promoted “skin gambling” websites also had an undisclosed stake in those websites, and that several videos which showed them winning big in these gambling contests were in fact rigged, in what clearly was one of the year’s top YouTube scandals no doubt.