Top 10 Video Game Controversies of 2016

5. A user is banned from PSN for using his real name

ps4-system-software-35-videoAlthough Sony’s rules regarding which user IDs are acceptable or not on its PlayStation Network have caused trouble for users who have picked violent or sex-related names in the past, one long-time user of Sony’s PSN couldn’t hide his surprise when he recently found that his account had been banned from the service, all for using his real name, which is “Jihad”, as a PSN ID.

But since the word is also associated by some with Middle Eastern violence, this led to Sony’s ban of his account, even if this was actually his real name and thousands of other users have used the word in their PSN IDs according to Game Informer. This caused much controversy in the gaming press and on popular user-content website Reddit, with Sony eventually allowing the man to pick an alternative user ID on the PlayStation Network and get back to gaming online after all…