10 Very Complicated Video Games

9. The Sims 4


The Sims is a social simulator born out of the mind of Will Wright, the genius video game designer also responsible for the likes of Sim City. And given that The Sims has sold countless millions of copies it’s very likely you have it installed on your computer’s hard drive.

So you know that being the social simulator that it is, The Sims lets you control every aspect of the lives of your little virtual people. You design your family of sims, customizing their appearance, character and lifetime aspirations as you see fit. Then you pick a neighbourhood for them to live in, and you build them a house. You have an enormous array of options to do this: you can go for a modernist or classical home or anything in between.

Once they settle in, you have to worry about their careers, how they spend their free time, their relationships, the family income (those bills have to be paid!), and even their basic needs like feeding and (ehem) peeing.

All things considered, your virtual pets give you a lot to worry about, as The Sims 4 is a video game that is as complicated as the game of life itself.