5 Reasons Why Nintendo Could Rule the Video Game World

4. Mobile games


Those who enjoy mobile gaming sure were thrilled when Nintendo announced that it was partnering with fellow Japanese company DeNA, which is something of a powerhouse in the mobile gaming space. But many Nintendo fans were worried that entering the mobile gaming arena might end up ruining the quality of Nintendo’s games.

After all, the typical mobile gaming blockbuster is a game like Game of War: Fire Age. It is heavily based on microtransactions (paying to get rid of waiting times for instance) and it certainly doesn’t have the sort of quality people expect from a Nintendo game. It would certainly be weird for Nintendo fans if future mobile Mario games were full of microtransactions, like having to pay to make the Italian plumber jump higher in the game, for instance.

But still, the mobile gaming market is too huge for a major player like Nintendo to ignore, and given how iconic Nintendo’s characters and games are, it is likely that the Japanese company will fill its coffers when it begins rolling out mobile versions of its games.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.
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