5 Reasons Why the Alienware Alpha Will Likely Fail

2. It is partially upgradeable


No cutting edge graphics… The Nvidia chip in the Alpha cannot be upgraded.

The Alienware Alpha’s upgradeability is both a blessing and a curse. It is true that you can upgrade the hard drive of your PS4 for instance, but Alienware also lets you upgrade the memory and processor of the Alpha, without voiding your warranty. This is a good thing, because the base model of the Alienware Alpha is underpowered. It comes with 4GB of RAM vs the 8GB that the PS4 and Xbox One ship with. It also features a dual-core processor vs the 8 core models that can be found in the current generation of consoles.

But worse of all, the Nvidia graphics chip the machine comes with cannot be upgraded, and it is likely to be obsolete before you know it. And while GameSpot ran a graphics comparison between the Alpha and current consoles in which the Alpha fared well, this is not likely to be the case for long, as PC ports of console games are not optimized well and system requirements for PC games increase all the time.

SOURCE: Polygon.