5 Reasons Why the Alienware Alpha Will Likely Fail

3. Show me the controls

All Xbox One games have gamepad support, but not all PC games do.

Given that Alienware is marketing the Alpha as a console, it is only logical that it comes with some kind of gamepad. And included in the box is a wireless Xbox 360 controller. This will allow Alpha owners to play from the comfort of their couch, as is typical in the console world. So no more gaming on office chairs with the nose right next to a PC screen then?

There is one caveat however: not all PC games support the Xbox 360 controller. Even some high-profile titles released in the past 3 years lack any kind of controller support for the PC. Take Mass Effect 3 for instance, or Blizzard’s multiplayer hit Diablo 3. It is still possible to play these games with a gamepad on PC if you are prepared to run special software and have the time and patience to configure it. Most people won’t, however, and will be left with the inconvenience of having to plug a keyboard and mouse to their Alienware Alpha “console” or simply give up playing certain games altogether.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.
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