The Top 10 Video Game Villains Ever

9. Loghain (Dragon Age: Origins)


When it comes to role-playing games, Bioware’s Dragon Age games stand amongst the best ever made, with 2009’s Dragon Age: Origins being probably the best of the lot. And like all good RPGs, the game features memorable villains like Teyrn Loghain.

Loghain is the game’s main antagonist, and he joins forces with the villainous and slimy Rendon Howe (who is voiced by Tim Curry) in his campaign to rule the land of Ferelden. Of course, he does this after cowardly betraying the king at the battle of Ostagar and letting his do-gooder Grey Warden allies be cut to shreds by the evil Darkspawn…

So Loghain appears to be the archetypal twisted and unrepentant villain. But at least he has a soft spot for his daughter Anora. Although you know what they say, evil-doers like Loghain get what’s coming to them in the end…