Top 5 video games previewed at The Game Awards 2016

2. Mass Effect Andromeda


Few would doubt that the Mass Effect games are some of the best sci-fi RPGs released in recent times, so it makes sense that Canadian developer Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the most eagerly awaited video games in a long time. And a new preview video shown at this year’s Game Awards makes it clear that Bioware is not deviating much from the traditional Mass Effect formula, and that the game will offer the same mix of adventuring, conversation choices and third-person combat as earlier games in the series.

This is not necessarily a bad thing though, even if the game still appears to feature the same clunky body animations and stiff facial animation seen in the previous Mass Effect games. But still, it’s hard to believe a company like Bioware won’t deliver another great Mass Effect entry come Andromeda’s release date in spring next year.

Release date: Spring 2017. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.