Top 10 Crazy Skyrim User Mods

7. Mike’s Mystical Mounts

skyrim-mod-mikes-mystical-mountsEarly in Skyrim’s main quest, you are required to travel to the city of Whiterun and warn the Jarl about the impending dragon threat. And since Whiterun is many player’s second destination in the game (after visiting the rural town of Riverwood), you probably bought your first horse there. And when riding across Skyrim’s beautiful landscapes you probably wondered how different the experience would be if you could ride another animal besides a horse?

Well, this user mod titled “Mike’s Mystical Mounts” aims to answer that question. It adds a new character to the game, an Argonian named Mike (whom you find sitting on a fence near Whiterun’s stable) and who offers a series of mounts, including exotic ones like sabrecats, spiders and mammoths. But this mod also lets you ride trolls and even dragons! But sadly these dragons remain earthbound – although a dragon mount is intimidating enough anyway…

Link to mod: