Top 10 Crazy Skyrim User Mods

6. Toy Soldiers

skyrim-mod-toy-soldiersIf you’ve seen the movie Jason and the Argonauts, then you know that the final battle takes place between Jason and his soldiers and a small army of skeletons summoned by an evil Greek king.

Well, this Skyrim mod lets you wield this sort of mythological power and summon your own army of (albeit small) skeleton warriors and archers. But not only this, you can also summon human legionnaires to deal with your enemies, or make them fight the skeletons, or each other. Turning the plains near Whiterun into a battlefield of toy soldiers is quite the spectacle, and hilarious situations can arise, such as in the image above, when two unsuspecting mammoths find themselves attacked by your toy soldier army…

Link to mod: