Top 10 Crazy Skyrim User Mods

3. Staff of Chicken Ball

skyrim-mod-staff-of-chickenballIf you ever wondered around one Skyrim’s rural towns such as Riverwood, and in a moment of frustration hit a wandering chicken with your sword and killed it, maybe you were surprised to find yourself surrounded by angry townsfolk with murderous intent… This is because killing a chicken in Skyrim is not exactly legal, and will put a bounty on the Dragonborn.

And this decidedly original mod lets the Dragonborn wield the “Staff of Chicken Ball” and wreak revenge on his enemies, as it fires exploding chickens. This makes it the most original weapon in the game (besides Sheogorath’s crazy Wabbajack), as it turns harmless farm animals intro deadly projectiles. But animal lovers need not worry as this is just a user mod for a video game, so no real animals were harmed – and the thought of the Dragonborn defeating a dragon with a staff that fires exploding chickens is certainly hilarious…

Link to mod: