Top 10 Crazy Skyrim User Mods


skyrim-mod-aliensIf one thing is clear, is that Skyrim is a game that contains quite a few intimidating enemies: trolls, undead, and of course, dragons. And fans of the Alien movies will be delighted to hear that this mod adds the Alien from the legendary sci-fi movie to Skyrim.

The mod adds a cave to the game, which players will find is full of xenomorphs. There are several types of xenomorph (including those deadly facehuggers). And in order to clear the cave players will have to deal with the Alien Queen, like in James Cameron’s classic 80’s Aliens movie. It is also possible to loot Alien eggs, and according to the author use Alien embryos “as decoration in your home”, which might not be your definition of charming…

Link to mod: