Top 10 Video Game Sex Controversies

9. The Witcher


Geralt the Witcher certainly has a way with women…

The Witcher series of games has garnered accolades, and many fans love its dark medieval fantasy world and shades of grey morality. The series has certainly not shied away from dealing with adult themes, but its portrayal of women and sex has certainly been controversial. Although at least in the original Witcher game, the sex was a bit ridiculous, mostly catering for sex-starved RPG players as whenever the titular Witcher Geralt scored with a woman, the player would receive a sex card.

And the ESRB, the American ratings board for video games, took issue with these cards, as they were considered too explicit and had to be censored before the game could receive an ‘M’ for Mature rating. The infamous sex cards show Geralt’s sexual conquests in various stages of undress and were certainly not that tasteless or explicit, so was this controversy a case of too much ado about nothing?