Top 10 Video Game Sex Controversies

5. Metal Gear Solid V Quiet doll


Quiet is the silent and deadly sniper in Metal Gear Solid V.

Quiet is a character in Metal Gear Solid V, the latest and eagerly awaited game in legendary Japanese designer Hideo Kojima’s action-stealth series. And like in his earlier games, this game features characters like the sniper Quiet, who probably is every sexist male gamer’s dream: not only is she drop dead gorgeous, with a voluptuous body that would certainly turn heads, but she’s literally quiet as well, reinforcing old stereotypes that suggested women could not be both smart and sexy at the same time.

And to add fuel to the controversy, designer Kojima tweeted about a Quiet doll that had soft material over the breasts that could be squeezed to the delight of Metal Gear Solid fans who bought the doll. This provoked the ire of anti-video game sexism crusader Anita Saarkesian, who said that the doll: “is completely consistent with Kojima’s ongoing pattern of sexually objectifying the majority of his female characters”. But even is Quiet is a sexualized and mute female character, perhaps Kojima did not have bad intentions, given that she is actually a deadly and quiet capable fighter who can give the guys a run for their money…