Top 10 Video Game Sex Controversies

8. Mass Effect


The third game in the trilogy was controversial not just due to its terrible ending, but also due to Shepherd’s possible interspecies sex scene…

If one thing is clear, is that Canadian developer Bioware has never shied away from making sex and integral part of their games, after all, they’ve been doing it since the times of their early Baldur’s Gate games. So when they released their seminal sci-fi RPG Mass Effect back in 2007, it was no surprise that protagonist Commander Shepherd could get intimate with more than one member of his (or her) crew.

And American TV channel FOX was guilty of some uninformed and sensationalist reporting when they claimed that players could take part in “graphic sex” and that the game featured “full digital nudity and sex”. It was all too much ado about nothing though, as the sex scenes in the game were bland even by modern TV standards…